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There is no admission fee charged for anyone entering the arena during the CHE event, including those wishing to view multiple games on any of the three days.

All seating inside the playing area is General Admission.  Fans of each team -- including students -- are asked to sit in the seating areas across from their team's bench.  Groups of fans sitting in any other location will be redirected to the appropriate seating area.


A professional photographer will be present throughout most of the weekend, including the CHE championship games.  Photos and photo packages from the event can be purchased from the photographer following the event.  Information on purchasing photos will be provided at the event.

No photos from the event shall be sold nor distributed for commercial use without the express written consent of the CHE.  Media members taking photographs shall do so only for editorial and publishing purposes.

Only the official photographer will be permitted in the scorer's/penalty box area during the games, and only approved photographers will be permitted to be in areas outside of the general seating sections.  Photographers wishing to gain approval must do so prior to the start of any game, which shall be limited to valid media outlets.  There shall be a limited and inflexible restriction on photographers who are permitted on the ice for the championship presentations.


Only team/game personnel, league officials, and a limited number of approved photographers shall be permitted on the ice at any time throughout the post-season, including the on-ice celebration following the championship games.  The winning team will be asked to clear the ice immediately if spectators or other unauthorized individuals enter the ice surface during this time, and any unauthorized person entering the ice surface will be removed from the premises immediately.