Quarterfinal Game #1
     #3 Robert Morris - 2
     #6 California - 1
               Final Score
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Quarterfinal Game #2
     #5 Pitt-Johnstown - 6
     #4 Kent State - 1
               Final Score
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               Game Highlights

Semifinal Game #1
     #1 Saint Vincent - 8
     #5 Pitt-Johnstown - 1

               Final Score
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Semifinal Game #2
     #2 Indiana U of PA - 3
     #3 Robert Morris - 2

               Final Score
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Championship Game
     #1 Saint Vincent - 3
     #2 Indiana U of PA - 2

               Final Score
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               Game Highlights


Quarterfinal Game #1: Friday, February 23rd
        #3 Robert Morris  vs.  #6 California
               6:00 PM at Palmer Imaging Arena

Quarterfinal Game #2: Friday, February 23rd
        #4 Kent State vs.  #5 Pitt-Johnstown
               6:15 PM at Palmer Imaging Arena

Semifinal Game #1: Saturday, February 24th
        #1 Saint Vincent  vs.  #5 Pitt-Johnstown
               5:30 PM at Palmer Imaging Arena

Semifinal Game #2: Saturday, February 24th
        #2 Indiana U of PA  vs.  #3 Robert Morris
               5:45 PM at Palmer Imaging Arena

Championship Game: Sunday, February 25th
        #1 Saint Vincent  vs.  #2 Indiana U of PA
               3:45 PM at Palmer Imaging Arena


100 Center Ice Drive
Delmont, PA 15626

Palmer Imaging Arena website

Palmer Imaging Arena online map


Sportsmanship is everyone's responsibility.  All associated parties play a critical role in upholding a high standard of conduct: players, coaches, officials, administrators, and spectators.  The result is a supportive culture for our players, coaches, and officials; an enjoyable environment for our fans and families; and a positive image for our schools, our teams, and our league.

Our playoffs are our marquee event, where sportsmanship cannot be discarded just because the stakes are high on the ice.  Players and coaches must display the important values of respect and discipline, regardless of the outcome of the games.  The applicable rulebooks will be enforced for players and team personnel who step outside of those boundaries.

Fans should cheer for their team and support all participants in a positive manner.  Spectators who interfere with the game or exhibit behaviors that are detrimental to the spirit and values of intercollegiate sports shall be removed from the premises.


Free vehicle parking is available in the arena lot, which extends around the entire perimeter of the facility.  The largest parking areas are on the east side of the building -- the lot to the right when reaching the top of the entry drive -- and to the rear of the building.  Guests are asked to park only in areas designated for parking, and anyone who parks on the entry drive or blocks access roads will be towed without warning.

ADA parking is available near the front entrance to the venue.  Team buses can unload near the front entrance and are asked to park at the rear of the building in an area that does not consume an excess of standard parking spots.


There is no admission fee charged for anyone entering the venue during the CHE events, making all games in all divisions free of charge.  Event Programs will be available each day, also at no charge.

All seating inside the playing area is General Admission.  Fans of each team -- including students -- are asked to sit in the seating areas across from their team's bench.


A professional photographer will be present throughout the weekend, including the CHE championship games.  Photos and photo packages from the event can be purchased from the photographer following the event.  Information on purchasing photos will be provided at the event.

No photos from the event shall be sold nor distributed for commercial use without the express written consent of the CHE.  Media members taking photographs shall do so only for editorial and publishing purposes.

Only the official photographer will be permitted in the scorer's/penalty box area during the games, and no photography/videography is permitted from team benches at any time.  Only approved photographers will be permitted outside of the general spectator areas, and there will be a limited and inflexible restriction on photographers who are permitted on the ice for championship celebrations.  Photographers wishing to gain approval must do so prior to the start of any game, which will be limited only to valid media outlets.


Only team/game personnel, game staff, and league officials shall be permitted on the ice at any time throughout the post-season, including the on-ice celebration following the championship game.  The winning team will be asked to clear the ice immediately if spectators or other unauthorized individuals enter the ice surface during this time (including for pictures), and any unauthorized person entering the ice surface will be removed from the premises immediately.

A dedicated area away from the ice surface shall be provided to the winning team after the game for photographs with family and friends.  Spectators are asked to use this area and honor the policy of remaining off of the ice surface.